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6 Salad Dressings To Try

  For protein, satiety and craving control, nothing beats greens.  Greens are “leafy” vegetables that can be steamed, sauteed or eaten raw.  When beginning to add more vegetables into your daily food plan, greens might be an easy way to … Continue reading

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Recipe: Simple Summer Salad

This salad is so easy it’s like cheating!  It’s just cut veggies, some chopped fresh basil and a dash of sea salt, but it is absolutely delicious. The ripe summer tomatoes give it a tangy sweetness and the cucumbers give … Continue reading

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Hormone Freak Out!

I am prepping for a class I am teaching next week. The topic is hormones. Did you know that everything you eat, drink, put on your body, are surrounded by effects your hormones? Everything! Balancing hormones is key. There are … Continue reading

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Why It Isn’t Easy Giving Up Dairy and Gluten

Why can’t you give up dairy and gluten?? Because they are addictive!! Once you know that, you can work on breaking free. Our class last night was so fun and informative.  Beth alluded to this concept, and I think it bears … Continue reading

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Frustrated with Foods?

One of my main tenants is to read labels. For sure, that will get you quite far. The basic rules of 5 ingredients or less, understanding the actual ingredients and being able to feed them to a baby are key. … Continue reading

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Lose Weight, Feel Better, Have Energy, Be Economical

I think the number one way to lose weight, feel better, have energy, be economical and eat things that are “whole” is to be prepared. That’s it. Simple as that. Go to the market, wash and chop, put in containers … Continue reading

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The Best Food Advice Ever

1) Be prepared. 2) Know what you are going to eat for the next meal. 3) Pack your food or your snacks. 4) Take a day to shop and chop and freeze. 5) All the education in the world doesn’t … Continue reading

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