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Food Combinations to Combat Belly Bloat

If you have experienced belly bloat, gas, indigestion, diverticulitis or other gut and bowel discomfort, you might want to consider looking into the rules of food combing. Discovered a few decades ago, these simple guidelines are incredibly effective and easy … Continue reading

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Life Is A Little Sweeter with Stevia

Growing up, I used sugar to sweeten my mate. My grandmother used to drink mate through a sugar cube placed between her front teeth!! Later in life, I had major weight issues and searched for solutions. I needed to sweeten … Continue reading

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Mindful Nutrition: Daily, Quiet Choices

Feeling quite conflicted on what to post today. When I opened my emails this morning, I had dozens, yes dozens, of offers from different coaches offering discounts, sales and advice. It exhausted me. Being bombarded like that is such an … Continue reading

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Dehydrated Apples and Sweet Potatoes: Healthy Pet Treats

Do you have a “furry baby” in your family?  Do you care about what you feed them?  Me too! We got a new puppy a few months ago who was untrained, mischievous and very food motivated. I had been buying her commercial treats. … Continue reading

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Give Up The Fight – Getting Kids to Eat Healthy

Often, I see a client that is begging me for a strategy to get their child to eat vegetables. Their jaws drop when I say, “Give up the fight!” The dinner table is to be used for loving, not fighting. … Continue reading

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What is UP with the Food We are Feeding Our Kids?

Lately, I have had a lot of either parents with children and/or teenagers coming in to seek my advice. These kids are coming in with tummy and brain issues way more intense than we have ever seen before. Growing up, … Continue reading

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Healthy Tips: Don’t Give Up Over The Holidays!

Let’s face it, it can be stressful! Take care of yourself and protect your goals. Holidays can be a wonderful time of gathering and can also be a hectic, overwhelming time. On top of shopping, time crunching and children off … Continue reading

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