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Accomplish One of These Small Steps This Week and Watch Your Life Improve!

Sometimes it only takes a cue, a little trigger to change your life and walk towards your goals. ¬†There are tons of articles and blogs out there, showing you how to change your entire life. ¬†Sometimes the steps they discuss … Continue reading

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Snow Day Recipe Suggestions

Another day stuck at home wanting to snack on junk?¬† Needing to occupy yourself? You are not alone! Here are several ideas to keep you occupied and satiated; 1) Warm up some almond or hemp milk and add cocoa powder … Continue reading

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How to Eat While Traveling and Not Lose Your Mind!

While I love to go away with my family, what is most daunting is “what to eat.” In the past, this has been so difficult, that I let myself go, eat what I wanted and was free of restraints. The … Continue reading

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