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Recipe for Busy Parents and Healthy Kids: Umeboshi Stuffed Rice Balls

Here is a recipe for stuffed brown rice balls. They can be as complex or simple as you want. Delicious little balls of rice with a surprise in the center.  Kids love to make them.  Totally fun to do with the whole … Continue reading

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Mindful Nutrition: Time For A Change

I am wondering what it takes for some people to make a lifestyle change and improve the way they take care of themselves? I guess for some it takes a huge bonk on the head, but wondering if for most … Continue reading

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Hormone Freak Out!

I am prepping for a class I am teaching next week. The topic is hormones. Did you know that everything you eat, drink, put on your body, are surrounded by effects your hormones? Everything! Balancing hormones is key. There are … Continue reading

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10 Simple Mindful Choices to Start Feeling Better Today!

Sure I love what you are doing, but it’s not “me.” I hear this ALL the time!! I run into someone I know who reads my blogs and posts and thinks what I do is great, but they could never … Continue reading

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Dehydrated Apples and Sweet Potatoes: Healthy Pet Treats

Do you have a “furry baby” in your family?  Do you care about what you feed them?  Me too! We got a new puppy a few months ago who was untrained, mischievous and very food motivated. I had been buying her commercial treats. … Continue reading

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Plant Based Lifestyle: Rework Your Kitchen

To do this “plant based” life style, one must be prepared and have a kitchen that supports you. Make life easier, rework your kitchen! Here are some ideas… -Keep your knife sharpener with your knives. -Keep bulbs of garlic along with … Continue reading

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Be Careful Who You Put Behind the Wheel of Your Wellness

AKA “Don’t go to the car mechanic for a new hair style, my friends!” If you go to the mechanic, he or she will use the tools they have at hand. They will wash your hair with that grease cutting soap in … Continue reading

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