Nutritional Support:

One Hour Session:  $100; Four Hour Session: $375

Create a program that is right for you! Meet for hour-long private nutritional consultations. Help with weight loss, access to Ana via phone and email 6 days a week, work on create a program customized for you and create long-lasting results. Each session is loaded with information about your personal process and feedback on your food journal. Add nutrient rich food to your program. Help create a lifestyle and nutritional program that works and ends the questioning about what to eat. We will look at why you eat as well as your behavior and the emotional components that hold you back from achieving your goal weight.

One Month Detox: $375

Detoxifying during a month-long program. Lose weight, feel great and have more energy. Includes one hour intake and access to Ana via phone and email 5 days a week. You eat a whole foods diet, take supplements, and keep a detailed journal. Go over individual health concerns and wellness learning. Help with elimination of highly processed or chemical laden foods. Help with weight loss, cravings and food addictions. Regain a sense of wellbeing. 30 days to a renewed sense of optimal health.

Phone Consultation or Skype: $100/$50

Hour or half-hour sessions. This is ideal for someone who lives out of state or a client that is on a trip

Home Assessments:$275

We meet in your home and give individual nutritional programs for you and/or your family. We go through cupboards and figure out systems to make healthy eating go smoothly! We also go through your favorite products and evaluate if they are working for you.

Grocery Tour: $150

Discover what’s healthy at the local market (Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Fresh Market). Go up and down the aisles and find out what’s good to buy! Get a sense for what is healthy and what is not. Does “fat free” on the label help you loose weight? What’s wrong with “sugar free” cookies?

Cooking, Nutrition and Wellness Classes

At your home or mine. Private or group. I offer meal planning and preparation, or dish planning and preparation. Prices vary depending on class and location.

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