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Why Is Quality Time Important?

Since I arrived back in Baltimore, I hit the ground running with my Yerba Mate business. I had to catch up in my private practice as well as NAVA.  My family (furry babies and all) have been grossly in need … Continue reading

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How Do You Achieve Your Wellness Goals?

How do you get to your goals? How do you achieve wellness? Lose weight? Find relief from medications? Slowly, daily, take actions that a radiantly healthy person would take. Be “sure footed” about it. Take the easy actions first, then … Continue reading

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Be Careful Who You Put Behind the Wheel of Your Wellness

AKA “Don’t go to the car mechanic for a new hair style, my friends!” If you go to the mechanic, he or she will use the tools they have at hand. They will wash your hair with that grease cutting soap in … Continue reading

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