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What’s the Deal with Gluten?

If you thought you could avoid thinking about gluten, think again.  What some might think is a fad is sadly a reality for more and more people.  Some think that the “no-gluten” thing is a fad, but sadly, it isn’t. … Continue reading

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Top 10 Changes for Detoxification and Healing to Stay Vibrant

  Eat raw produce as much as you can.  Raw produce is loaded with fiber for detoxing, vitamins and minerals for nutritional support.  Al the supplements in the world can not replace eating pure and fresh fruits and vegetables.  Get … Continue reading

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10 Simple Steps to Feel Good Now

Over the last few years I have shared tidbits on what has sent me into this journey to wellness. More on that later. But, just to mention a few… I was overweight, had acne, depression, low energy and other things … Continue reading

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Wake Up and Rewind

  I love this! It is so true… we are disconnected from ourselves, from our work, from our passions. We are disconnected from the food we are to eat. Here are some ways to “rewind” while still having a modern life: … Continue reading

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How to Give up Soda Without Losing Your Mind

Are you drinking enough water? It has been found that most Americans, roughly 75% of us, are chronically dehydrated. There are many reasons why that is alarming. Dehydration contributes to a host of human ailments. What might interest you to … Continue reading

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Minimizing Gluten, Sugar and Dairy Intake

  Last night at our Balanced Bodies class, we had an incredible group of open minded and willing participants. We covered protein smoothie making and three things you want to minimize to get to a better state of wellness…. Gluten, … Continue reading

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Mindful Nutrition: Limited Time Discounts

Feeling healthy during the upcoming holidays will make them much more joyful for you and your loved ones.  Being healthy doesn’t have to be a guessing game: a little planning can go a long way to prevent the weight gain, colds, flu, … Continue reading

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