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Please Visit Your Local Animal Sanctuary

Yesterday I visited Burleigh Manor Animal Sanctuary with my family. This is a place that takes in unwanted farm animals, peoples’ pets that got too big, or animals that were senselessly being sent to slaughter. My daughter and I got to … Continue reading

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Getting Back to Whole, Fresh, REAL Food!

Just had an incredible session with a new client. She kept asking about different products and discussing how the ingredients change or aren’t what they say on the label. I kept pulling her back and talking about eating produce. She … Continue reading

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Watermelon F(e)ast While They Are in Season

So, here is what I am doing while Watermelons are still in season. I’m usually having a mono meal of watermelon for breakfast most mornings. (My husband has been doing this too which is so wonderful and cute!) Having cubed watermelon first … Continue reading

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What is UP with the Food We are Feeding Our Kids?

Lately, I have had a lot of either parents with children and/or teenagers coming in to seek my advice. These kids are coming in with tummy and brain issues way more intense than we have ever seen before. Growing up, … Continue reading

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Frustrated with Foods?

One of my main tenants is to read labels. For sure, that will get you quite far. The basic rules of 5 ingredients or less, understanding the actual ingredients and being able to feed them to a baby are key. … Continue reading

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Top Ten Kitchen Mistakes

1. Small glass cutting boards. Make sure you have a large wooden or bamboo board. It’s really no fun to cut a carrot on a little board. No one will keep cutting up veggies if it is a hassle!! 2. … Continue reading

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Care For Your Body…Now!

There is a reason why I am so intent on teaching how to care for your body. What is the alternative? Well, you could go down the path of medications and surgery. Both of those are incredible in emergencies, but … Continue reading

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Kale Harvesting

Woohoo!  It’s kale harvesting time!!! OK, so not a full on harvest.  Maybe a minor “plucking”?  I tried with a few small plants.  It was totally fun and I got some gorgeous leaves out of them.  Next year, I will … Continue reading

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Mindful Nutrition: Processed Foods vs. Whole Foods

A lot of crazy stuff is going into our processed foods. Be intentional with everything that goes into your mouth. Go for foods that don’t have packaging and more than 5 ingredients. Once you eat highly sugared and processed foods, … Continue reading

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Mindful Nutrition: Center Spectrum Eating

Had a client come in yesterday who said he doesn’t eat sugar at all. In our discussion, he said how he is mostly attracted to red meats and cheeses. Inside, I know, that if someone is eating a ton of … Continue reading

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