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New Year, New Habits!

Sometimes it is hard to adopt new habits. Sometimes it is even harder to know where to begin. As a wellness coach, I go with the easiest habit to adopt first. As my client has a base and more success, we … Continue reading

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How Do You Achieve Your Wellness Goals?

How do you get to your goals? How do you achieve wellness? Lose weight? Find relief from medications? Slowly, daily, take actions that a radiantly healthy person would take. Be “sure footed” about it. Take the easy actions first, then … Continue reading

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Getting Back On Track After Vacation

These past two weeks, I have been with my family in Argentina. It has been an incredible trip with tons of love and laughter. I connect with my heart and soul here in a way that is indescribable. Feeling very … Continue reading

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10 Simple Mindful Choices to Start Feeling Better Today!

Sure I love what you are doing, but it’s not “me.” I hear this ALL the time!! I run into someone I know who reads my blogs and posts and thinks what I do is great, but they could never … Continue reading

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Getting Back to Whole, Fresh, REAL Food!

Just had an incredible session with a new client. She kept asking about different products and discussing how the ingredients change or aren’t what they say on the label. I kept pulling her back and talking about eating produce. She … Continue reading

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10 Simple Healthy Kitchen Staples

Here is a picture of the set up for the Balanced Bodies: Yoga & Nutrition Retreat. Just wanted to take a minute to list some of the items on the table. They are simple and healthy things to have on hand as … Continue reading

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Balanced Bodies: Exclusive Yoga & Nutrition Weekend Retreat

Balanced Bodies is a complete approach to holistic living.  Using mindfulness, education, whole foods and yoga, Beth Graham and Ana Goldseker slowly transition their students into a more balanced lifestyle.  About the Retreat Exclusive weekend retreat with nutrition instruction, meditation, … Continue reading

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