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Reestablishing Balance after Travel with a Mini Detox

My life the last 2 months has been a whirlwind.  I had three trips back to back culminating in a trip to Argentina.  I kept it together for the first two trips, but while in Argentina, I must admit, things … Continue reading

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Top 10 Changes for Detoxification and Healing to Stay Vibrant

  Eat raw produce as much as you can.  Raw produce is loaded with fiber for detoxing, vitamins and minerals for nutritional support.  Al the supplements in the world can not replace eating pure and fresh fruits and vegetables.  Get … Continue reading

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Mindful Nutrition: Daily, Quiet Choices

Feeling quite conflicted on what to post today. When I opened my emails this morning, I had dozens, yes dozens, of offers from different coaches offering discounts, sales and advice. It exhausted me. Being bombarded like that is such an … Continue reading

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Watermelon F(e)ast While They Are in Season

So, here is what I am doing while Watermelons are still in season. I’m usually having a mono meal of watermelon for breakfast most mornings. (My husband has been doing this too which is so wonderful and cute!) Having cubed watermelon first … Continue reading

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Join the Balanced Bodies Class at MAC in Timonium Public

         Balanced Bodies is a complete three part program, offering Information, Inspiration, and Instruction in order to bring lasting change to your body hosted by Beth House Graham and Ana Goldseker. All three parts are connected and … Continue reading

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Mindful Nutrition: Peanuts and Peanut Butter

I often discourage my clients from eating peanut butter. We often think of it as a comfort food, but think again. Below is a great summary on why we should switch to a “whole and real” nut butter and avoid … Continue reading

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