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What’s Wrong With Red Meat?

Do you eat meat? Do you eat burgers, steaks, bacon? In the past, I have been a bit shy talking the consumption of meat. I didn’t want to rattle any cages, or ruffle feathers. But honestly, my friends, so many … Continue reading

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You DO Have Power Over Your Health

“It’s genetic, there is nothing I can do about it!” Goodness!! If I had a dollar for each client that has said that to me…. well you know the rest. (I could really use a new summer wardrobe though!!) My … Continue reading

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Fricken Cancer

Cancer has struck my family and it has struck my family hard. Metastatic Cancer. Before you start sending me all the ways to cure it, please know that I have my favorites already, and that it will fall on deaf … Continue reading

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Mindful Nutrition: Peanuts and Peanut Butter

I often discourage my clients from eating peanut butter. We often think of it as a comfort food, but think again. Below is a great summary on why we should switch to a “whole and real” nut butter and avoid … Continue reading

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The Road To Health is Paved with Produce

Since the beginning of time, there have been teachers screaming from the roof tops that we must eat plants to survive. Here is yet more evidence linking the benefits of fruits and vegetables in relation to the slowing of cancer. … Continue reading

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