Ana Goldseker, CNC, established her practice to help individuals and families find ways to make mindful food choices. Ana teaches her clients the importance of self-care by providing customized nutrition plans which focus on whole foods, supplements, meal planning, and being a smart consumer. Drawing from the philosophies of Weston Price, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, raw foods and Paleo teachings, which all believe in consuming nutrient-dense whole foods and eliminating highly refined foods, Ana helps develop customized food programs that can be put into daily practice.

Formerly based in Los Angeles, Ana studied food preparation and consulting at the Ginkgo Leaf, a nutrition and cooking school. She had her own catering company and was a personal chef. She also trained with mentors such as Hermeine Lee, a nutritionist to many celebrities. Ana holds a BFA from Ithaca College and is a member of the Weston A. Price Foundation. She earned her CNC certification from the Trinity School of Natural Health, and is a member of EDN of Maryland (Eating Disorder Network). She also welcomes clients involved in 12 step programs.


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