Top 10 Changes for Detoxification and Healing to Stay Vibrant



  1. Eat raw produce as much as you can.  Raw produce is loaded with fiber for detoxing, vitamins and minerals for nutritional support.  Al the supplements in the world can not replace eating pure and fresh fruits and vegetables.  Get in at least one serving per meal.  Use fruits as your snacks, make vegetable soups, add vegetables to your meals by steaming or sautéing.  Throw in some greens for extra good measure.
  2. Eat before you are hungry, you will make better food choices.  When you are transitioning to a healthier lifestyle, cravings and hunger can completely derail you.  Carrying food and snacks are your safety net.  Eating BEFORE you are hungry will make sure you stay “at choice” with your food rather than having to eat “whatever is available.”  When you depend on others for nourishment, you will not always get what is in line with your goals.
  3. Switch out coffee, sodas and energy drinks for Yerba Mate which is an adaptogenic herb.  Adaptogenic herbs help calm you when you are fraught with tension and help bring you up when you are dragging.  Yerba Mate will give you the benefits of caffeine without the jitters or “Come down” of other drinks.  Sweet coffee drinks, canned energy drinks or protein shakes can be quite acid forming and deplete the body.  Drink Yerba Mate for the energy boost, not nutritional drain. Ready to start drinking mate? Here is some wonderful information from “Love from Argentina – Connecting The World One Mate At A Time” –
  4. Go low-fat!  If you are looking to detox and renewed vitality, then you need to cut down on the fats that are slowing you down, adding inflammation and sludge to your system.  This also applies to denatured fats, meaning fats that have been heat-treated or processed.  So, avoid –

• roasted nuts or seeds

• vegetable oil

• soybean oil

• fried foods

• shiny, greasy “sautéed vegetables or proteins”

• cottonseed oil

• canola oil

• corn oil

• fried corn, potato or wheat chips

• processed salad dressings

  1. Find a workout you love and GO.  Working out not only burns calories.  Working out is so much more than that.  Getting the body up and moving is critical to wellness.  Finding a community and being social is also good for the brain.  What is the most effective workout ever?  The workout you can stick to!
  2. Seek advice, inspiration, and mentors.  Find people who “have what you want.”  Working with people that are a few steps ahead of you is critical for keeping you on track.  Having a kind of daily inspiration works well to move you towards your goals rather than having your goals drag you down.  Get a great coach who specializes in wellness, subscribe to some wellness blogs, take someone that is in your community and who you admire, out for tea.  Ask for support!  Choosing wellness is not mainstream.  You will do better at staying on track if you find others who are on the path also.  This needs daily recommitment.
  3. Get friendly with your local grocery store.  Most people hate going to the market because it is an hour long process.  For some, this is not sustainable.  Repeat visits to the same produce department will help familiarize you with where things are and make the process go quicker and smoother.  Have a pad of paper in your kitchen dedicated to your shopping list.  Take this list to the store with you and get great at “getting it done.”  This way of eating requires two weekly trips to the market at times.  It helps and becomes less tragic if you have a list and can go “zip zip” through the store.
  4. Carry water with you…and DRINK it.  A wise teacher once told me “The secret to pollution is dilution.”  To help with detox, drink water!  Most think you need to guzzle 8 glasses every day and don’t get enough water because they dread the thought of it.  Rethink this!!  A few sips every hour might be the perfect invitation to this step.  Go slow!  Just a warning, pay attention if the thought of drinking pure water turns you off.  This may be a sign that you are eating foods that are either too sweet, salty or refined.
  5. Try a plant based (not whey) protein powder to help with hunger and cravings.  Protein powder is a great tool and trick to use.  Carry a screw top bottle with a few tablespoons of powder in it.  Then, BEFORE hunger strikes, add some water and ice when available, shake and drink.  The protein and nutrition in the drink will help ward off cravings and level out your blood sugar levels.  You will come to your meals on a whole different level once these are taken care of and protein powder is a great and easy way to do that!
  6. Be patient!  Working towards wellness is not for the weak hearted.  IT take diligence and commitment.  While the rewards are extraordinary, the beginning sometimes is a bit daunting.  Slipping off your plan is part of the process.  Expect it.  No one is perfect, and perfection is not required to achieve your goals.  Keep your eyes open, notice the signs your body is giving and act accordingly.  Tackle steps one at a time and realize that results will not come overnight, but rather will slowly happen as time goes on.  In the meantime, as you are changing and improving your lifestyle, your skin will start glowing, you will feel more energetic, the inflammation will go down and you will become more and more committed to your growth.

About Ana Goldseker

I am a whole foods coach specializing in weight loss. No restricting, no artificial anything - all whole real foods. I help people with food addictions and building a food plan that works for them. I do skype and facetime sessions. Please visit my website at for more information.
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