Why Is Quality Time Important?

quality-timeSince I arrived back in Baltimore, I hit the ground running with my Yerba Mate business. I had to catch up in my private practice as well as NAVA.  My family (furry babies and all) have been grossly in need of attention.  I need a hair cut, my car needs oil, I need to go to the market today and, and, and…easily, I could go through months like this, never look up and still have a long “to do” list.

More and more, the magic of what I experienced in Argentina, seems to be leaving my pores.  I am longing for it all.

In the few short weeks since I have been back, I see myself caught up in a daily life that doesn’t serve my soul.  So, it is time to reconnect to what is important.  Spend time on things that fill my hunger, not increase it.  That is what “quality time” is all about.

Quality time is your time that is spent alone, or with a loved one, in nature or in a beautiful space.  Quality time nourishes you and allows the monkey brain to rest and relax.  Quality time is rich.  Ideas flow.  You are in a state of “flow.”  Quality time allows for positive thoughts to come in, and allows for love and self-compassion.  Quality time is yummy, thick and multi-layered.

When you see your to-do list is longer than you have hours in the day for, it is time to schedule some “quality time.”

Time to sit
Time to talk with a friend
Time to allow the brain to rest
Time to be present

Most of us, at least here in the states, do not allow for this because we do not see it’s value.  We wear the word “busy” as a sense of pride.  Now, when I hear that word coming from someone’s mouth, I feel a sense of sadness rather than guilt.  I have found that the spaces in my life, where I allow for a time to breathe, is when I get the most productive.  And, isn’t productive a more inspiring word than “busy?”  How are you getting quality time in?  What are you doing to stop time and create a memorable moment?  How are you getting the most out of every day?  Here are some things that I have been working on.

1.  Yoga
I am currently doing intense, cardio, hot yoga.  That means the room is hot and I am working so hard that I am seeing drops of sweat hit the floor!!!  I know… a little gross.  But, what that does is work my body so hard that my monkey brain is occupied and I am actually present.  I make this a priority.
2.  Get up early
My day goes better when I allow myself time in the morning to sit, catch up and be alone.  That time alone fills me.  It allows for my brain to organize itself without questions, without interruptions, without phone calls.
3.  Self-care
Nothing feels good when my body doesn’t feel good.  More and more, I find that “radical self-care” is what I need to be in a state of alertness and joy.  For me, that means starting my day with hot lemon water and Yerba mate.  I make sure I have lunch packed and some snacks on hand.  I know in the morning what I will make for dinner.  I stay away from foods that make me feel yucky.  I take probiotics and enzymes.  More and more, I say “no” to what drains my energy.
4.  Spend Time with Loved Ones 
Nothing beats this.  Taking time out of my day to connect with someone I care about and who I feel love for, makes everything better.  Sadly, so many of those people are far from me, so I do a lot of this by phone.  But, this is certainly a priority of mine.  I am also, more and more, making time to be social, to connect, to share and to laugh.
5.  Reframing
Have you ever looked back on an awful situation and realized that was one of the best things that ever happened to you?  At the time, it might have made you panic and get uncomfortable, but while seeing the path it took you on, realize that all was meant to be and has made your life better?  How much time did that stress and worry take up?  I try to see now, that those times need a bit of “ease” around them and not the restriction.  When I can reframe these difficult events, I am able to actually have more of a flow.  Then, and only then, is there a space for “quality time.”

Ok, I have started this list.  What are you doing now to source and enjoy quality time?


About Ana Goldseker

I am a whole foods coach specializing in weight loss. No restricting, no artificial anything - all whole real foods. I help people with food addictions and building a food plan that works for them. I do skype and facetime sessions. Please visit my website at www.mindfulnutrition.net for more information.
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