Recipe for Busy Parents and Healthy Kids: Umeboshi Stuffed Rice Balls

Here is a recipe for stuffed brown rice balls. They can be as complex or simple as you want. Delicious little balls of rice with a surprise in the center.  Kids love to make them.  Totally fun to do with the whole family.

2 cups of brown rice
2.5 cups of water
pinch of salt
splash of water
1 tbsp sesame oil
2 umeboshi plums
a bowl of warm water
2 eggs
4 sheets of nori (more if you want to make more balls) – cut in half

Brown Rice Directions
1.  Rinse rice well until the water becomes clean.
2.  Place 2 cups of rice in a pot.
3.  Put 2.5 cups of water over the rice and boil.
4.  When rice boils, put in a pinch of salt in, cover and turn down the heat.
5.  Cook rice for about 45-50 minutes or until rice is cooked through.  Set aside to cool.

This is a pickled plum that you can find in most Asian markets.
1.  Take plum out of container and remove pit
2.  Cut remaining plum into 2 pieces and set aside.

Thinly Sliced Egg “Pancakes”
1.  Beat 2 eggs in a bowl.  Add a splash of water and beat again.
2 . Heat frying pan and add 1 tbsp of oil.
3.  Slowly pour a thin layer of egg.  You will have to lift the pan so that the egg spreads out.
4.  Flip the egg after the bottom layer has crusted a bit.
5.  Remove egg from pan and place to cool on a cutting board.
6.  Repeat with another layer of egg and place on top of the egg that was cooked.
7.  Once all the egg layers have been cooked, cut up into small pieces and set aside.

1.  Wash cucumber skin
2.  Cut cucumber lengthwise and then again into long slices
3.  Dice into cubes

1.  Cut ripened avocado in half.
2.  Remove pit.
3.  Dice up and set aside.

1.  Wet hands
2.  Take a handful of rice and make into a ball.
3.  Decide what kind of “center” you want and place in the middle of the ball, press in.
4.  Take a “half of a handful” of rice, place on top of the center and round out the ball.
5.  Take a nori sheet and cover the ball.  While holding the rice ball in one hand, wet the other, and gently wrap the nori over the ball.  Grab another half of a sheet and cover any part that is unwrapped.
6.  Sit, take a bite and enjoy!!!

For more delicious, healthy, family friendly recipes, please check out Balanced Bodies: Vegan CookBook


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  1. Jintoki says:

    I could definitely enjoy some of this right now 🙂

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