When Is a Diet Food Not Really a Diet Food?

Mindful Nutrition - Not Diet FoodWhen is a diet food not really a diet food? When it is one of these!

Most of my work is around weight loss. Over the last 12 years of counseling women, I have seen some repeated themes. The biggest one is that we are under a lot of misconceptions when it comes to weight loss and what is actually EFFECTIVE. Restriction, discipline, counting calories, smaller portions and other ridiculous ideas are being taught. They keep the “dieter” in a state of constant self-hatred and obsession. What a miserable way to live! No wonder most fail at this task.

To lose weight, you must be satisfied. Your belly has to be full. Your cravings must be lowered. You must love your food. You must see your new plan as a doable lifestyle change, not a life sentence. These and other ideas will make eating whole foods sustainable. You want to eat whole, nutrient dense, water infused foods. You want to eat PRODUCE! Foods that are “close to the ground” are going to get you to your goals.

And at all costs…avoid the following:

Granola Bars
These are NOT healthy. These calorie bombs are loaded with refined sugar and oils.

I know…do not shoot the messenger. Oatmeal has been linked to depression in a couple of studies. Any kind of quick cooking oatmeal is higher on the glycemic load scale. I have never known a soul, other than male body builders, who have lost weight on oatmeal.

Peanut Butter
Touted as a health food, this product is all oil!! Most brands have added sugar. This is not a “healthy” fat. This is another food that is actually a calorie bomb of all fat. This will not do you any favors. One tablespoon of peanut butter is over 100 calories and all fat, and be honest, who can have only 1 tablespoon?? It will only leave you craving for more.

Whey Protein Powder
I know!! I hear you yelling!!! Whey is dairy, dairy is milk. Milk is produced for a baby cow. Whey is REFINED milk. Get protein powder that is either pea or rice based. Must gentler on the system, easier to digest, and will not cause inflammation as much as the whey.

Olive Oil
Do you know how many olives it takes to make one tablespoon of oil? Some say over 20 olives!!! It would be better to eat the whole food! And, very few can have 20 olives at one sitting. Olive oil is so calorie dense and does nothing for satisfaction. Go for oil free dressings on salads (the ones you make not the ones in a bottle!!) Try a week without oil and see what happens!!!

These and other common “diet” products are stalling your success and progress. If you are wrinkling your nose at me, try to avoid these things for one week and let me know! You will not regret it.

Keep in mind that I am available to Skype nutritional consults. Let’s work together to refine your food plan! Contact me today.


About Ana Goldseker

I am a whole foods coach specializing in weight loss. No restricting, no artificial anything - all whole real foods. I help people with food addictions and building a food plan that works for them. I do skype and facetime sessions. Please visit my website at www.mindfulnutrition.net for more information.
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