How To Feed a Diverse Crowd…Without Making Yourself Insane

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So we have all been there… you have to make a meal for a crowd. There are at least 5 different food “personalities” that are coming for dinner (some people have more than 1!) and you can’t make up your mind as to what to eat or what to serve.

Simple solution? Roll out the “BAR” ta dah!! What is the “bar” you ask? Well, there are several! And it’s the perfect meal all rolled into one! They are all easy, simple to do and have tons of variety. One of these is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. If you have all the ingredients in your home, each one of these takes less than an hour to put together. Don’t roll your eyes at me, it’s true. Here you go and you are welcome!

You will see the title first and then a listing of ingredients. These are things I usually make and are crowd pleasers for my group, but you can be creative and have fun with this. Make some or other things that you think would work. This list is to start the conversation, but I am sure there is plenty I am not thinking of.

I place all of these ingredients on a counter and let everyone help themselves. Cafeteria style!! This is fun and such a simple meal, I promise!

Keep it simple or go all out, it’s up to you.

Nori – this is the seaweed wrap. You can find this in any Asian market for sure, but now even your regular supermarket might have it. Rather than “rolling” the sushi, I cut the sheets into “4’s” and people stuff them and just “half” them like a taco.
Raw carrot – cut into matchsticks, or lightly steamed
Tofu – cut in long strips and cooked with toasted sesame oil and tamari – the “real” soy sauce or use Bragg’s Amino Acids
cucumber – sliced into matchsticks
Avocado – sliced
Daikon Radish – or regular radish sliced matchstick style
Bean Sprouts

Organic Taco Shells
Soft Tortillas – corn is best
Refried Beans
Steamed corn – or frozen roasted corn (steamed up)
Cashew Sour cream-find recipe in previous posts
Shredded lettuce
Grated vegan cheese
Avocado – mash this and add a bit of sea salt, lemon juice and Spring onion – chopped fine
Tomatoes – chopped fine
Mexican Rice – made easy by just steaming up brown rice and dumping in your favorite chunky salsa after cooking. (Fresh cilantro on top makes it so authentic that people will hear mariachi music in the background!)
Chopped Cilantro

Broth – I make my own, but you can find some wonderful broths now that are pre-made, consider adding coconut milk or cream into this to make a yummy and creamy Thai-style soup
Steamed carrots
Steamed peas
Bok Choy
Red Pepper Sliced thin
Steamed corn
Udon, Soba or Thai Noodles – these should be in a bowl, cooked and sprinkled with a little bit of toasted sesame oil so they remain non-stick
Sesame seeds
Spring onions
Your favorite Curry Paste – mild or spicy
Sliced Water chestnuts

Shredded Lettuces
Sliced Red Pepper
Raw Almonds, Cashews, pumpkin Seeds, sunflower seeds or Pecans
Steamed Corn
Chopped Tomatoes
Sliced Cucumber
Hearts of Palm
Artichoke Hearts in water
Sprouts of any sort
Vegan Cheese
Steamed Asparagus
Make a couple of dressings (written in previous posts – do one with the cashew cream and one with an olive oil and fresh lemon base)
fresh spices
Sugar snap peas sliced thin
Raw cauliflower
Serve with Gluten Free Bread or Corn Bread

Rice Cakes – I like Lundberg brand the best. If you toast these, they will hold up better under the toppings.
Sliced Tomato
Rice Cheese – found in refrigerated section of supermarket, or any other vegan cheese
Chopped spring onion
Tomato Sauce
Peanut Butter
Sliced Banana
Sliced Strawberries

Ok my friends, there you have it! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!!


About Ana Goldseker

I am a whole foods coach specializing in weight loss. No restricting, no artificial anything - all whole real foods. I help people with food addictions and building a food plan that works for them. I do skype and facetime sessions. Please visit my website at for more information.
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