10 Simple Mindful Choices to Start Feeling Better Today!

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Sure I love what you are doing, but it’s not “me.”

I hear this ALL the time!! I run into someone I know who reads my blogs and posts and thinks what I do is great, but they could never ever do it! They feel crappy, are overweight, are on tons of meds, have aches and pains, yet what I am doing is far too much. What I teach is too extreme for them.

Really? You feel lousy, but can’t wash some celery?? Or won’t?! Let me reframe things for you…. you can do this! You can feel better, you can enjoy your life more and you can have more energy. What I do did not come to me overnight. I dipped toes in the well of self care! I would drink my smoothie before I had my M&M’s, I tried a million recipes and failed.

Not everyone can do all of this overnight, nor should they. The detox symptoms would be totally unbearable to some. But, you can start changing your life. You can start doing things today to help yourself. Below are just 10 of some quite powerful and doable changes to add in today.

1. Add in hot lemon water to your morning routine.
This will help alkalize and hydrate your body first thing. It will help with detox, getting going in the morning lessening cravings for sugar. What I love the most though, is that it signals your mind that you are ready for a new plan and a new day.

2. Spend 10 minutes each morning prepping food.
I do this every day, if I get a chance, I take another chunk of time later in the day. This makes making meals DOABLE!! I prep!!! So, what do I do for 10 minutes? Yesterday, I washed 2 whole bags of celery hearts, cut off both ends and put them in containers in the refrigerator. I also washed and scrubbed some gorgeous purple potatoes and put them in zip locks. Then, I peeled some bananas and froze them. Those 10 minutes spent yesterday, will change my day today. Make sense?

3. Add in some whole real ingredients.
Use white table salt for a body scrub and never ingest it again! Instead, buy some pink, grey or black sea salt. Use your distilled vinegar for cleaning the shower and sub in some “Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar.” Drink filtered water, Bragg’s Amino Acids….. these are easy replacements that you can use that will not rob you off your health.

4. Bring water everywhere.
Having a great source of water to drink, that you like the taste of, will help you drink water! Now that it is getting warmer outside, make sure your travel bottles are made of stainless steel or glass. I buy Voss drinking water and when done, refill the bottle. This is a cheaper way to get the perfect sized glass bottle.

5. Make your snack count!
Make it whole food! When one has a snack out of refined and processed junk, you only crave more. You are hungry and unsatisfied for a reason! Bring cut celery, strawberries, oranges, red peppers other foods that are made out of REAL plants. The stuff that comes in a wrapper will make you hungrier and gain weight.

6. Add a salad to your meal.
Adding in fresh whole greens will give you sodium, the salt you are craving, and protein to help with satisfaction. This is key in keeping you “on plan” and eating real foods. If you don’t like salads, make it in a way you will like it. Try butter lettuce, cut tomatoes, shaved carrots, sliced olives…. there are a bazillion ways to make a salad yummy.

7. Forgive yourself.
Know you can start from where you are. You haven’t “ruined” anything. You can start anew. I came from at least 40 pounds more from where I am now. I had disordered eating up the yin-yang, I had bad acne, crazy cravings, low energy, depression, addiction to chocolate…… need I go on? Any forward movement I made was made because I was gentle and forgiving on myself. Sure, I beat myself up a ton, I hated on myself really bad!! When I did, I stopped all progress. Does that make sense? Only through gentle change and acceptance did I ever see growth. So, stop beating yourself up!

8. Eat real food first.
When looking at your plate, eat the food that is whole, and real first. In other words, before eating the lasagna, eat the salad. Before eating the meatball sub, eat the salad. Not only will this give much needed enzymes to your body, it will help with your habits and start getting you satisfied.

9. Start with one step today.
Work on one thing at a time. Focus today on changing one thing. Don’t go for the whole enchilada. That can be using coconut milk in your coffee rather then the sweetened creamers, it could be using a home made dressing instead of the bottled ones, it could be adding baked potato to your meal instead of the fettuccini Alfredo.

10. Start throwing things away that do not serve you.
If you have to dig through your junk drawer to find a carrot peeler, you are never going to eat the carrot!!! If you have to touch 5 things that are not useful to get to the one tool that works, then cooking is going to be a hassle. Start today to really, really question each and every thing you have in your kitchen and throw stuff away!!! You can give it away also! When your kitchen is neat, organized and purposeful, I swear you will have a whole different experience. When you know where things are and ONLY have what you need, then cooking will be faster, easier and more streamlined. If you have a million lids but no bottoms that fit, you are only going to frustrate yourself.

Ok, so here is a start. These are all simple things that can be done in a day while other things are getting done. These are things that do not take a lot of time or energy. So, you CAN do what I do. You CAN change up and make things better. Some people will want a food plan and implement small changes over months. I work with my clients on baby steps and get them through a transition period. I work gently and with love. It is the only way.

~   ~  ~

Are you ready to feel more healthful and vibrant? YES! Contact me and let’s do this together.


About Ana Goldseker

I am a whole foods coach specializing in weight loss. No restricting, no artificial anything - all whole real foods. I help people with food addictions and building a food plan that works for them. I do skype and facetime sessions. Please visit my website at www.mindfulnutrition.net for more information.
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  1. ndazipa says:

    Great article and tips 🙂

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