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Are You Taking Prescription Medications?

If a Dr. prescribed medication for you, then please know, my sweet friends that you DO have a medical issue. Far too many of us think that because we take medicine to to deal with something, we don’t have an … Continue reading

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READ The Label!

As long as it is tasty, easy to get and has a cute label… Americans will eat it!! It’s time to look beyond and get educated. If it is bagged, wrapped, boxed, canned, bottled…. be suspect and READ the label!!!

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Busy Parents/Healthy Kids – Eating By Example

Please know that the food industry is spending over 2 BILLION dollars a year marketing food products to our children. I am not talking carrot sticks and humus, but rather “Shrek green” twinkies, “lunchables,” colored cereals with cartoon characters on … Continue reading

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10 Things You May Not Believe About My Home Cooking

Burnt food, rotting lettuce and under cooked rice! So often, I talk with people who never cook in their kitchen. I think it is a mixture of fear, resentment and just plain old “not knowing where to start.” The problem … Continue reading

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