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How To Avoid the Challenges of Eating Out and Stay Healthy

Restaurants! Sheesh!! I find eating out challenging. I am not going to lie. Until our society “gets it” about food linked to disease and is willing to change its behavior, I am afraid this will be tricky. You see, restaurants … Continue reading

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Mindful Nutrition: Center Spectrum Eating

Had a client come in yesterday who said he doesn’t eat sugar at all. In our discussion, he said how he is mostly attracted to red meats and cheeses. Inside, I know, that if someone is eating a ton of … Continue reading

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Mindful Nutrition: Even Baby Steps Matter

Sometimes transitioning to a healthier lifestyle takes time. When I look at my journey I see that it took years for me to get where I am now. I am always growing, learning and reading more information. What I see … Continue reading

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Soak Your Nuts!

Seriously…why are we told to “soak our nuts?” A discussion was had at last night’s class about why we would soak our nuts or grains. The idea is to cover them in water for at least a few hours to … Continue reading

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At Home Nutritional Consultation – I can come to YOU!

Did a Home Consult yesterday and just had an incredible time. These are opportunities for me to go directly into a clients home and really work on trading up products and specific recipes. Easy things were discussed, such as switching … Continue reading

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Busy Parents/Healthy Kids – Growing Celery at Home

Having trouble getting our child to eat greens? Feel like you or your family is disconnected from where our food comes from? Try this amazing experiment! Cut off the bottoms of your celery and put them in water.  Wait a few … Continue reading

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