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10 Ways to Survive Halloween and Not Gain 30 Pounds

1. Don’t even start. I mean really. Don’t even look at the candy. It’s just poison in a pretty package. 2. Have a plan. That means, decide what you are going to do beforehand. 3. Make sure you eat a … Continue reading

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Mindful Nutrition: Peanuts and Peanut Butter

I often discourage my clients from eating peanut butter. We often think of it as a comfort food, but think again. Below is a great summary on why we should switch to a “whole and real” nut butter and avoid … Continue reading

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Mindful Nutrition – Quote Of The Day: Eknath Easwaran

This quote speaks so beautifully to the idea of how we are conditioned to respond with food rather than behavior. In other words, sometimes, a cupcake is the only way out, when really what we could be doing is speaking … Continue reading

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Mindful Nutrition: Limited Time Discounts

Feeling healthy during the upcoming holidays will make them much more joyful for you and your loved ones.  Being healthy doesn’t have to be a guessing game: a little planning can go a long way to prevent the weight gain, colds, flu, … Continue reading

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Mindful Nutrition: Busy Parents/Healthy Kids – Food On the Run!

Last night was quite difficult in that I had no time to make a real dinner.  Carpooling, Trader Joe’s Run, Target and Work!!  Oh my! So, I heated up some lentil soup for my daughter and put it in the … Continue reading

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Busy Parents/Healthy Kids: Put Down The Potato Chips – Try Kale Chips Today!

Try Kale Chips instead of potato chips.  Super yummy substitute…I swear.  I make these in my dehydrator, but you can also make them in the oven. Blend in Vitamix Juice of 1 lemon 1/4 cup pumpkin seeds (soaked overnight) 2 … Continue reading

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Mindful Nutrition: 9 Ways to Not Gain 40 Pounds in a Restaurant

I can’t be the only one to have walked out of a restaurant 5 pounds heavier. Food served at a restaurant is made to have you come back. It’s loaded with salt, sugar and refined products made to entice you … Continue reading

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