Top 5 Busy Mommy Kitchen Hacks

1.  Double Recipes
I always, always make enough for at least 2 meals or I double recipes.  I freeze or just package it up.

2.  Make Lunch After Dinner
While cleaning after dinner, I have a container out and pack my lunch as I am putting things away.

3.  Make Concentrates
I make soups, stocks, chiles, yerba mate and other things in a “concentrated” form.  Then, when I want to make one of these things, I am not starting from scratch, most of the work has been done.

4.  Create Multiple Meals at the Same Time
If I am making a salad for dinner, why not cut extra for lunch and dinner the next day?

5.  Wash ALL Those Darn Carrots!
Let’s say you are making lunch and need a carrot, instead of washing and cutting the ends off of one, I do the whole bag at once.  In other words, I dump the whole bag of carrots into a bowl of water and wash them all at once.  Then, I cut off both ends and stick in a zip lock for the refrigerator.  This is one of the biggest time savers.  I do this with a lot of produce including celery and potatoes.  Makes life so much easier.

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Recipe: Simple Summer Salad

This salad is so easy it’s like cheating!  It’s just cut veggies, some chopped fresh basil and a dash of sea salt, but it is absolutely delicious. The ripe summer tomatoes give it a tangy sweetness and the cucumbers give it a salty base.  Add in some other veggies like avocado, colored peppers, or celery.  Try dill instead of basil or maybe fresh oregano and parsley. Get creative and have fun!

1 large cucumber chopped
3 cups of cherry tomatoes cut in halves or quarters
2 cloves garlic minced
1 tsp sea salt or pink Himalayan salt
5 leaves fresh basil chopped
2 scallions chopped
5 radishes sliced thin

Toss together and serve.   This is delicious after it sits and marinates for a couple of hours in the refrigerator so it can definitely be made ahead of time, too.  Be creative, try different herbs and veggies.  Serve over lettuce, brown rice or potatoes.  Such a colorful, fresh and healthy side dish!

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Top 6 Things To GET RID OF In Your Kitchen

Here are the top 6 items I would suggest to completely eliminate in your kitchen!

1.  White Salt
With so many different options for sea salt, why limit yourself to white and refined?  Plus, that stuff is so toxic!  Try some pink Himalayan, gray Celtic, black volcano… options are endless and gorgeous!

2.  White Vinegar
Power up your food by switching to Apple cider vinegar.  I love Bragg’s the best, sweeter tasting, healthier and unheated.  White vinegar is great for cleaning your toilets, apple cider is for food.

3.  Regular Soy Sauce
Have you ever looked at the labels?  Switch to Bragg’s Amino Acids.  I know, it is a weird and confusing name, but it is a great soy sauce.  Really rich tasting and not metallic.  It is the “real” soy sauce.  Fermented and aged.

4.  Vegetable Oil
No need for it ever!  When you use oil, it is best to add after cooking.  In other words, heat with water, add the oil as a flavoring.  That’s because oil breaks down quickly in the heat.  Either way, there is no need for vegetable oil, which is usually mostly corn or soy refined oil.  Use natural, unfiltered and unheated coconut, olive, sesame or other “whole” seed or nut oils.

5.  Teflon
Breaks down quickly and you get to ingest little Teflon pieces in your food after a few weeks.  Go for cast iron, Stainless Steel or clay-wear.

6.  White Sugar
Okay – you can save this for Aunt Milly when she comes for tea, but for your regular home use, sweeten foods and drinks with maple syrup, raw coconut sugar, stevia, raw honey, and other whole food sweeteners.

Would you like some help making your kitchen, pantry or refrigerator more healthful?! Let’s chat!

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5 Wellness “Hacks” That For Me Made A REAL Difference

1.  Sought out help from other health coaches and people that lost weight
 When I could, I paid a health coach to create a food program for me.  Each time I did this, I learned more.  Every single coach had “golden nuggets.”   I was never shy about asking another woman in the gym how they lost weight or what they did to stay glowing.  Over time, I used the best of the best and finally landed on a program that worked for me.

2.  I switched from my goal is “weight loss” to my goal being “feeling good”  This for me made all the difference in the world.  I stopped restricting, I stopped using diet foods and finally learned what made me feel good.  Microwaved mini-meals didn’t help me glow, but a huge bowl of salad topped with chick peas and brown rice gave me a huge bolt of energy and lifted my mood.

3.  Used fruit as snacks
For years, they told me fruit was the enemy, fruit was evil, fruit had too much sugar, fruit makes you fat!!  Until one day a coach asked me to read the label of my protein bar.  More sugar in that bar than in an apple.  So, what was I doing??  I switched over to fruit and haven’t looked back since.

4.  Stopped topping food with oil
I was told for years to “chug” the oil and that it would make me lose weight.  So, I poured oil on my salads, used it in my coffee and made a ton of oily roasted vegetables.  That didn’t work for me.  Once I brought the oil down, I started releasing the weight.

5.  ABOVE ALL ELSE – I listened to my body
Here is the biggest secret of all….once I listened and did what my body told me to do, I felt better.  My body didn’t feel good on just protein, fat, and veggies.  I had low energy, my skin was gray and I couldn’t stop eating.  I didn’t do well on whole wheat bread.  My eczema got worse.  Low carbohydrate protein bars gave me acne.  So, once I checked in with that, I changed my habits.  When I could feel satiated, I stopped eating junk food, and once I stopped junk food, I lost weight.  Once I cleared the acne by stopping the protein bars, I also had more energy and lost weight.  Got it?

Your body is the most powerful teacher of all.  Once you tune into it, once you start turning away from the habits and foods that don’t serve you, that negatively affect your wellness, you will feel better.  Once you turn towards the foods that serve you, your whole life will turn around.

You are not alone in figuring out what works for you! Want to chat? Send me an email and let’s figure out a plan TOGETHER!

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Busy Mommy/Healthy Kid: Vegan Chili Recipe

Here is a fast and easy recipe to make when you have nothing in the refrigerator and still need to make dinner.  This is a yummy and tasty chili that can be used on top of brown rice, baked potato or cut up romaine lettuce leaves.  What is most wonderful about this recipe is that it will last in the refrigerator for a few days for reheating and taking for lunch or using for another meal.  It can also be frozen in a zip lock or plastic container and reheats well.  The other idea is it can be cooked in the crock pot, rather than stove top, for a few hours on low.

Combine all ingredients in a pot or large saute pan
1 large onion – chopped
1 large sweet red pepper – chopped
1 cup of filtered water
1 large can organic diced tomatoes
2 cans organic black beans, rinsed
3 cloves of garlic minced
1 tsp sea salt
1 tsp hot sauce
1 tsp paprika
small can of tomato paste
chopped basil
chopped parsley

Heat and simmer for at least 20 minutes or longer.

Suggested additions:
Chopped Celery
Different bean types
Salsa at the end (don’t cook it so that it remains flavorful)
Top with sliced avocado or guacamole

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5 of the Biggest Weight Loss “Lies” and How I Fixed Them!

Having been plagued by extra weight during my teens, I had been trying to lose weight for years.  I went round and round trying everything from diet programs, pills, detoxes, books, nutritionists and so on.  Finally, I became a nutritional counselor myself and got to see the research and studies behind weight and weight loss.  Since then, I was able to see my pitfalls, apply new ideas and spread the word on what really works and what does not.

For most, it’s not as complicated as mainstream beliefs had made us think.  Below, I have outlined a few of the major weight loss “lies” I thought were truths.

1.  Ate things that said “diet” on the label.  Most products marketed for weight loss do exactly the opposite.  Diet foods are packaged to be calorie restricted and are made of ingredients that are highly refined.  Many of these products are made with soy or milk proteins that screwed with my hormone levels and made me gain. Now, when I see something marked “diet” I stay away.

2.  Drank things that said “diet” on the label.  I thought I was doing myself a favor by having diet sodas instead of regular, milkshakes made of yogurt not ice cream, protein drinks in cans or even sports drinks. Instead what was happening is that these drinks were creating inflammation and extra bloat.   We have research to show that artificial sweeteners raise insulin levels and in the end, create weight gain.

3.  Out-ate my work out.  I thought that when I overate, I could “get rid” of the extra calories by working out for longer periods of time.  Well, my body didn’t work that way.  I couldn’t work out hard enough to get rid of the inflammation and hormonal effects of the foods that were wreaking havoc on my health.

4.  Believed that hunger was just part of the process.  In no way did hunger help me.  Ever.  Hunger only made me eat.  When I restricted enough to make myself hungry, I was, in essence, playing with fire.  Only when I was satiated and went to a meal like a human being, not a voracious animal, was I able to make choices that served me.

5.  Beat myself up.  When I didn’t lose weight, or failed at a program, I blamed myself.  Now I know that you blame the program.

Looking to create a nutrition weight loss plan that works for you? Let’s talk!

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7 Biggest Mistakes Dieters Make

1. Treat calories as if there was a budget. When I see people eat a treat to forgo “real food” and then hear a comment about skipping the next meal, I want to reach out and shake them! There is no budget for calories. There is no way to forsake a meal, eat junk and expect it to all even out. Treats are treats. Either they create inflammation or not. Not eating the next meal has no effect on the junk you just ate.

2. Restrict. Eating “smaller portions” of foods that create imbalances won’t get you to weight loss. When someone tells you to “go get a smaller plate” just run. For most of us, restricting just leads to overeating. Let’s just tell the truth.

3. Drink diet drinks and create inflammatory responses. Diet sodas have an effect on the body. The salt and fake sweeteners leave you bloated and with weight gain. Saccharin creates cravings! Don’t want to believe me? Try dieting another 3 years and see how much weight you lose chugging the diet drinks.

4. Look at calories rather than physical responses. When one eats a bar, diet drink, diet food or other product that is believed to be “low calorie,” the body responds with an inflammatory response. That response leaves you with possible weight gain, bloated belly, fluid retention and hunger!!!

5. Believe in magic. Going to a nutritionist and not changing your habits will not lead to health. In other words, a session with me is not going to create weight loss. You will create weight loss, not me.

6. Still eat dairy, gluten sugar, red meat, white refined flour products. No matter how little the portion is, the body’s response will still leave you with inflammation and cravings.

7. Stay away from fruit. Our bodies are designed to want sweet. If you don’t have it in fruit, you will have it in other ways that hurt. Even those that tell me they are not craving sweet and sugar, still really crave sweet and sugar. Protein bars, diet sodas, potatoes, chips, cereals, salted popcorn…. all turn to sugar in the body.

If you sit back and really pay attention, you can see which one of these are true for you. Tune in, see when your pants are tight, your rings don’t “spin,” you wake with puffy eyes and/or other physical reactions your body has and try to change what you are doing. You will achieve weight loss quicker!

You are NOT alone! We can do this together. Contact me today and let’s set up a nutrition plan that really works for YOU.

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